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      Jiangsu Haili Wind Power Equipment Technology CO.,LTD.
      ADD:Economic Development Zone, Rudong, Jiangsu Province
      TEL:0513-81991166 84190001
      FAX:0513-81991180 84190066
      Chinese new energy We Chat account: jshlfd_gk


      My company to undertake the first domestic maritime 6MW wind turbine tower has successfully delivered

      The wind turbine tower is currently the single largest offshore wind power main bearing key parts of the tower, the largest diameter of 7000mm, not even host a total height of 80 meters, weighs 320 tons, in the wind turbine tower is really super a. The tower will be installed in the first 6MW a host of wind power sea Jiangsu Longyuan Rudong wind field on the sea test! (image: Cao just feeds; text: He Wenhua feeds)

          One, lifting

          Two, ship

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